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The technical demands made on a modern building envelope are increasing constantly. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with these demands in on-site handling. As a result, the actual bricklaying process has a crucial role to play in the creation of permanent and highly heat-insulating brickwork. The innovative maxit mortar pad from Franken Maxit has been setting new standards here since 2015: It minimizes sources of error during bricklaying and speeds up and simplifies processes in equal measure. With it, the traditional procedure using a covering of thin-bed mortar entered the next stage of evolution.

Just a few tools and work steps are sufficient to create the brickwork work 3.0 with the maxit mörtelpad. Step by step, stone by stone.


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"The smart wall"


Just a few tools are needed to construct high-quality brickwork with the maxit mörtelpad. The mason can concentrate fully on the actual process of constructing the wall. Working efficiently and ergonomically is a matter of course - with the maxit mörtelpad. Here, we show you the process step by step.


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Six steps to perfect brickwork

Simple handles make targeted processing with the plaster boards possible on the constructions site. The maxit mörtelpad eco weighs only 300 g and is therefore easy to handle - in the truest sense of the word. The time-consuming preparation and follow-up of  bricklaying is a thing of the past. The processing is now a matter of six simple steps.


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A clear construction advantage

All of those participating in the construction process benefit from all of the advantages of the maxit mörtelpad eco, from the client to the construction contractor to the worker. It is a time saving that cannot be dismissed, an easy-to-understand process, fewer logistical challenges, and increased order on the construction site. 

The result: quality brickwork that meets the most exacting requirements. 





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The maxit mörtelpad eco is the innovative mortar product for quality in masonry construction - simple, quick and secure.
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Stone on Stone for Attractive Brickwork Mortar pads provide the necessary stability and robustness as a connecting element. The individual bricks are already great to look at and create a convincing result for the most modern architecture. Get a picture of it yourself! We would be pleased to show you references in which the maxit mörtelpad eco has already been successfully employed.


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