Processing of brickwork at a new level

Setting new standards in the handling of brickwork: the maxit mörtelpad eco saves a lot of time and ensures maximum quality, and handling is easier and more efficient than ever before.

Trowels, mortar silos, cement mixers and other tools of the trade that used to be typical sights at building sites have now become virtually unnecessary.

Mortar pads can be handled quickly, cleanly and reliably. Mixing mortar and cleaning tools are now a thing of the past. This allows the bricklayer to concentrate on the actual bricklaying process. The result: the next evolutionary phase in brickwork. We call it "Brickwork 3.0".

Advantages of processing at a glance

  • Time saving in the preparation and post-processing of the brickwork
  • Up to 24% more output with the same time and personnel planning
  • Easy to understand processing
  • Reliable production of quality brickwork
  • Independence from additional work equipment (application and cost advantage)
  • Building sites are cleaner
  • Significant weight saving

Step by step to Brickwork 3.0

The editors of the "Building Trade" magazine has tried the walls with precision blocks and the Franken-Maxit mörtelpads.