Convincing advantages

The maxit mörtelpad eco offers advantages at different levels when it comes to walls with mortar.

Architects, planners and the craftsmen doing the work benefit equally. Solid, efficient brickwork provides economic and organizational advantages for the business, but above all the maxit mörtelpad eco allows the craftsman performing the construction to work efficiently. Last but not least, the advantages extend right up to construction clients, who can expect a modern, purely mineral building shell with a long service life.

The maxit mörtelpad eco offers construction advantages for everyone involved.

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  • Bricklaying produces less waste on the construction site.
  • The prefabrication of the mortar pads in the factory results in masonry of the highest quality. Sources of error on the construction site are minimised.
  • The system of lightweight thin-bed mortar, water-soluble hot-melt adhesive and glass-fibre fabric ensures highly homogeneous masonry with a strong bond.
  • The mortar pad has been tested and approved by the building authorities.
  • Ecological footprint: the production of the mortar pads generates 33% less CO2 than conventional thin-bed mortar.

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  • The bricklayer can concentrate on the essentials. Tedious preparation of mortar and other materials can be completely omitted.
  • The time-consuming use and cleaning of special equipment, e.g. mixing machine or mortar sledge, is no longer necessary.
  • Handling is intuitive and requires up to 95 % less effort than conventional methods do.
  • No dust is generated, so working on the masonry is more comfortable.
  • Bricklaying can be carried out faster and more efficiently.

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Building contractors

  • The time savings in bricklaying allow up to 24% more output with the same time and personnel planning.
  • Costs for the purchase and maintenance of expensive special equipment are completely eliminated.
  • There is no need to transport mortar silos and mixing machines.
  • Like the builder, the contractor also benefits from factory prefabrication for quality masonry.
  • The constant bearing joint guarantees high-quality results.
  • The maxit mörtelpad is supplied to match the number of bricks used for the masonry and avoids annoying material waste.

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  • The factory prefabrication of the materials allows maximum planning flexibility due to high-quality masonry.
  • The constant bearing joint guarantees high-quality masonry - including best strength and bonding properties.
  • The mortar pad is a mineral product made from natural raw materials.
  • Construction materials are used more efficiently and less waste is produced.